Moonstone by Olivia Stocum

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English noblewoman Rhiannon Hanover’s parents are murdered, and her cousin, Reginald, inherits her family’s land. Using Rhiannon as payment for ‘services rendered,’ he forces her from her home, her only remaining possession her mother’s silver hairbrush. Rhiannon is delivered to Scottish Lowlander, Laird Geoffrey, as his new bride.

The willful, auburn-haired Rhiannon vows that she will sooner die than belong to any man. A vow that becomes hard to keep when Highlander, William MacAlastair, comes to her rescue . . .
William never could resist a damsel in distress, but Rhiannon is no ordinary woman. She is his Bean-shìdh, his banshee, claiming him body and soul. When he comes to her aid, he finds himself breaking alliances, challenging an old enemy, and doing the one thing he never thought he would—stealing away with a woman in the middle of the night.

Rhiannon is willing to accept her need for William’s protection in this land so far from home, but that doesn’t mean she has any intention of yielding her heart, or her body to him.
William challenges her like no other man, breaking down her defenses, making her wonder if . . . she might be falling in love.