Seduce Me - The Heart Series - kindle ebook by Angela Estienne

A story of lust, torment, desire, guilt and love.

An age old dilemma, old love verses new love. Jasmine Williams is struggling through her life after losing the only love she had ever known (Greg Mitchel) in a car crash. Plagued by nightmare from the traumatic accident and not knowing how to move her life forward, she runs away to a new town for a fresh start, leaving behind everything she has ever known, but you can’t run away from your past. A hard lesson to learn.

Having found a place to settle, getting a new job, she starts to rebuild her broken life, only to have the process interrupted by a lustful desire for a stranger (Luke Heart.) She is torn in two, desire for the tall dark man and the grief still being felt by the newly departed old love.

Luke Heart falls head over heels in love with Jasmine. His infatuation with her holds no limits, stopping at nothing to possess her as his own. He is successful, wealthy, and powerful but is finding it hard to snare the damsel in distress. Will he succeed?

Hang on for an emotional ride.

Look out for my next book in the series: Teach Me – The Heart Series

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