Opus Swarm - Kindle eBook by Victor Thomas


Take a dashing star cruiser captain, a beautiful psy-cop hiding something from her past, an imposing alien commander with a jewel encrusted dagger strapped to his leg, and an exotic female officer who possesses some most unusual talents and then toss them all into a catastrophe of galactic proportions.

When Captain Matthew Rome is awakened in the middle of the night and summoned to an emergency meeting at the Seattle Space Command Center, he soon discovers he is facing a real nightmare.  Overnight, an entire solar system inhabited by billions of people has been destroyed.  There was no warning, and no one knows why.  Their sun did not expand into a gigantic nova engulfing everything in its wake, yet nothing remains of the former system’s planets except pathetic, burned out cores.

What makes matters even worse is the decimated system is located next to a truce boundary.  That line separates the space protected by Earth and that of the Darconians, a power-hungry alien race that has long despised Earthlings.  Simply crossing that border is an act of war. Yet, as Rome nears the destroyed planets, he discovers a Darconian battleship waiting for him.  Are these ruthless beings responsible for this horrible tragedy, or are they, like the humans, amazed and desperately searching for answers?  

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