LOVE AT ebook by Pat Simmons

Book II of the Making Love Work series:

This isn't your typical office fling, especially in a busy TV newsroom where other people's business is the news. As an assignment editor responsible for dispatching news teams to breaking news locations, Desiree King is Brooke Mitchell’s boss.

So how do two Christian professionals go undercover to hide an office romance so it won't turn into sensational gossip and go viral? Despite cameras that could be rolling at any time and colleagues prying into each other’s personal lives, Desiree King and Brooke Mitchell flirt in plain sight with love notes, texts and voice messages.

As things heat up, Desiree has second thoughts and she becomes concerned about protecting her job and reputation.
When Desiree puts her job before a date with Brooke, he wonders if she wants their relationship as badly as him. He dismisses his doubts and accepts that love doesn't just happen, it takes work, and the award-winning investigator reporter is about to put his skills to good use to woo Desiree by any means necessary, even if the cameras are rolling.
Love at Work is a funny quick read that proves that an award-winning television news department can be the last to know about a hot story right under their noses.

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