Seductive Truths - a romantic thriller kindle ebook by B. A. Cairns

Interesting Fact: "Rather than just playing a psychopath or mass murderer, it was interesting to play someone who is apparently what you expect me to be, [an English gentleman] and then take off the mask to reveal something darker" is a quote by Colin Firth on his character Vince Collins in Where the Truth Lies, and it was this quote that inspired the creation of William Jones and ultimately was the foundation for Seductive Truths.

Alex Brown is a modern day woman who has everything to look forward to. She is engaged to the man of her dreams, has an adorable niece she dotes on and a loving sister-in-law she looks upon as the sister she never had. However, her existence is shadowed by the death of her brother and when an anonymous note is found on her desk Alex's life takes an unexpected turn for the worst.

Kidnapping, murder and love ensues, taking Alex on an adventure she's only ever heard of, but what happens when the truth is revealed? Is there more behind her brother's death than she is made to believe? Can she still trust those she loves? Will she be corrupted by the world she has been dragged into? One thing is for sure, life for Alex Brown will never be the same again.

Can those closest to you really hide the darkest secrets?

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