SHABAHH The Phantom Terrorist - kindle ebook by Joseph Muratore

SHABAHH: The Phantom Terrorist is a fast paced,action thriller. It's filled with twists, and turns, with some very unique surprises unveiled throughout the story. It has garnered over 90% 5 star reviews. An extremely plausible scenario has been written that involves a mastermind terrorist with a terrorist team that spreads fear, mayhem and destruction across the United States. Shabahh (which means phantom or ghost in Arabic) had been chased across Europe by Interpol. Never captured or even seen. The same methods of destruction employed there have now landed on the shores of the United States. Shabahh's goal is to bring the fear to America that the terrorist families live with every day in their homelands. Shabahh feels they must destroy America's financial infrastructure as well as it's iconic buildings, landmarks, dams and any other energy producing facilities. Killing to achieve the terrorist goals is second nature to Shabahh. To prevent this. the United States has engaged a team of Agents called SASA. They are a Secret Anti Subversive Agency, whose sole job is dedicated to preventing terrorism in the U.S. They are led by their most qualified Agent Carl Downey, to track, kill or drive Shabahh out of the U.S.  This Kindle E novel  is readily available on the Amazon E book site at $2.99. It is a pseudo-sequel to a novel titled, Cyber Attack, also by Joseph Muratore , but it stands on it's own, and does not require reading the first novel first. This Kindle E novel Shabahh: The Phantom Terrorist explores areas such as the 'Darknet' a real little known internet site which harbors evil doings. It has been well researched and for the most parts all sites, highways, and landmarks are are real. Bits of humor, and non-graphic sex are interspersed throughout the novel. The story line is strong and will leave you wanting more.  Don't miss reading this exciting novel. It could happen. It's that plausible.

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