The Vast and Gruesome Clutch of Our Law - kindle ebook by B.C.Bamber

The Vast and Gruesome Clutch of Our Law, is based on a dream and was transformed into a book about environmental catastrophe and the effect of large technologically advanced state power on small poor communities. Edward is a young man pushed into a position of authority, whilst struggling with his own feelings losing all the father figures in his life. He has no special talents, or abilities. He just remains steady while the world crumbles around him. It also contains religious and political allegory carefully woven into the story and shows what happens when the world suffers a major disaster and slowly inches towards change on a massive scale. The poor community pulls together to deal with first the same disasters everyone else suffers, then the isolation, then the military and the trial that keeps them there in their hometown for another thirty years, before finally being released to face a new brighter and happier future. This book has a life of its own. There are many things hidden away in the text and sub-text that maybe you will see and maybe you won’t. Some see the allegorical messages and some miss them. Like a painting with hidden details and layers of mysteries all of its own.

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