Touched and Other Short Scares - Kindle ebook by Anthony Mamone

Touched and Other Short Scares is a collection of unique short fiction that balances horror, humor and heart. Written by real life paranormal investigator Anthony Mamone, lead investigator of Kissimmee Paranormal Investigations, these tales are carefully crafted to leave clinging to a loved one. Throughout these stories you will take a trip and expierience the horrors that resides in woods of Virginia, a small city in Pennslyvania, a remote town in Michigan, as well as several other colorful locales, all carefully selected to provide the perfect backdrop for terror. Open these pages and learn of the horrible fate that befalls a group of girls too foolish to head the well known warnings about Quija boards and the terror that grips a young child with disbelieving parents nightly. Ask yourself, is your son or daughter's imaginary friend truly imaginary...or something more sinister? Do these poor, unfortunate individuals triumph in their personal struggles with the paranormal? There is only one way to findb out, if you dare. Peek inside, but be warned, the things that go bump in the night are not just a product of the imagination and old folklore, they are real and only the brave make it out unscathed.

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