Warrior's Claim - Kindle ebook by C.J. Gnos

This is the first book in the new Warrior series, following the Offspring series where Cassie first met Kamarsoman. In Warrior's Claim, Kam aids Cassie in finding Garon's killer in spite of the tension between the two. A year ago when Garon died Cass told Kam she never wanted to see him again, but now that she is being threatened he can't stay away. He still loves her and needs to protect her.  Will they find love or will Cass lose Kam too?

The race is on to find Kelem Phyl who ordered Garon's death and stop his obsession with possessing Cassie at all costs.
Weaving through the story is Cassie's daughter Donna and her love for Kam's friend Tarren's. Dulcy, Cassie's Earth friend and her love Jax and a host of colorful and humorous character's they meet on their adventure to the final confrontation with Kelem Phyl and their destiny.

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