Angry Birds and Beehive Hair - A Short Story Collection of Real-Life Sarcastic Drama: a Kindle ebook by Nancy Chovancek

Who would have thought that writing about every day circumstances that relate to everyone would be so funny?

Nancy Chovancek has a knack for writing humor in a way that makes you think, I would never say that out loud, but it's so true!

Angry Birds and Beehive Hair - A Short Story Collection of Real-Life Sarcastic Drama, is about Nancy's upbringing by her Italian mother and Polish father during the 1970's and early 80's. If you're Italian, you'll appreciate her discussions throughout the book about the most often talked about subject between Italians: is it gravy or sauce? Italians never finish a word either. Most people would say, "Ricotta cheese." Italians will say, "Ricott." Why? Don't ask Nancy--she came into this world way before Italians decided to shorten the English language.

She discusses topics such as Christmas shopping strategies, the problem with public restrooms, the dreaded homeowner's association--whom she fondly refers to as "North Korea." She also provides much needed advice about the art of un-friending on Facebook. Speaking of social media, she goes into the annoyances of some things you may run into on your newsfeed in her short story, Things I Hate. How many times has someone asked you to play Candy Crush Saga, Mafia Wars, or posted pictures of kittens ten times a day? Can you relate to all of this? Yeah, I know--that's why Nancy's writing about it.

It's all relatable. It's all true. She's met Steven Tyler while her stepson was getting a tattoo on his ass. That's all we're saying about that short story. You'll have to read it for yourself to believe it. Conference call etiquette, rituals of being sick, and how to behave at office Christmas parties, are just a sampling of what this humorous book has to offer.