Venom of the Gods by Sebastian Chase

Vampires are larger-than-life characters, but where did they come from and how did they get their powers? In Venom of the Gods, Sebastian Chase dives headlong into the back story of these mythical creatures, intertwining their history on Earth with aliens, gods, angels, and demons. He also presents an apocalyptic vision of where their power struggles will lead humankind.

They arrived as friends, assisting humanity out of caves. As time went on, humans began to worship them, giving them names like Ra, Isis, Zeus, and Apollo. During the height of Christianity, they became Archangels, both good and bad. Many labeled the creatures from another dimension as demons, performing brutal sacrifices to appease them. Now, filled with the hunger once again, he knows what modern humans will call him—vampire. The world will soon discover that he is much more than that.

Michael considers his powers a curse, and desires nothing more than to continue his human life with his wife and adopted daughter, but when his wife discovers what he is, she insists he leaves. On the way out, his exceptional hearing discerns her confessing love to another over the phone. With his reality shattered, Michael boldly sets out to make a new life for himself and his daughter, but a series of events conspire to pull him down—events orchestrated by his ancient nemesis, Samael, the Satan of lore.

Throughout history, Samael has attempted to gain dominion over humanity, but Michael always stood in his way. Now, with Michael in a self-induced amnesia, nothing on Earth can stop him. By convincing humans he is a loving Archangel with the power to heal, Samael gains control of the United States and its nuclear arsenal. He forces the collapse of other countries, sucking them into his ruthless empire. Even when Michael regains his memory, Samael doesn't worry, for he spent considerable time filling Michael's life with people and entities that work for him. They will thwart Michael at every step, but just in case, Samael takes Lori, Michael's daughter, into one of the Nazi-like prison camps now located in America. Either Michael cooperates, or she and all of the humans will suffer brutal tortures and death.

A reluctant hero, Michael must once again stand up for those he loves, but he quickly discovers that nothing is as it appears. He is forced to accept that this time, Samael just may win.