Death of Eden: Outlaw, Kindle e-book by Chelsey Colleen Hankins and Emily Martens

Love. Lust. Family. Corruption. This ain't your mama's antebellum.

On the eve of the Civil War, with U.S. marshals at their backs, Jesse
Locke and a band of outlaws led by the dauntless, unpredictable Jack
Ross find themselves with no other choice but to seek sanctuary in
Jesse’s former backwoods home. After being run out of town for murder seven years earlier, Jesse arrives to find his mother dead, his sister in the whore house and nothing at all as he left it. Having entrusted
the survival of his family to his oldest friend, Hank Walker, Jesse
sets out to put right the betrayal that has befallen in his absence.
But with the gallows a misstep away and ravenous enemies closing in,
Jesse finds himself thrown into a tempest of insatiable passions,
corrupt justice and treacherous temptations that threaten to send him
and everyone he loves into the grave.

Death of Eden: Outlaw is the first volume in the exciting five-book
series, Death of Eden, a joint project from authors Chelsey Colleen
Hankins and Emily Martens. A writing duo now based out of New Orleans,
we both graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and have
worked together as stunt performers for a Hollywood sword fighting
team, co-written a comedy webseries, and started our own business as
Public Relations Copywriters. This story, like many great ideas, was
born on a bar stool. We were sitting in a pub one night, sipping
Stellas when one of us asked, “Why has no one ever made a version of
Robin Hood set in America? Like during the Civil War?” A beer and a
very animated conversation later, our outlaw gang and the town of Eden
had been born. After that night, we became women possessed. We read
stacks of books; researched for countless hours; stalked our historian
friend; and visited museums, battlefields and antebellum homes. We
wrote like fiends, often spending 16 hour days working away at our
story. Through that whole process our little germ of an idea grew into
a five-book epic filled with adventure, intrigue, romance, humor and
grit. Not merely sweeping historical fiction, Death of Eden is an
intimate exploration of a time of decadence and distress, beauty and
brutality seen through the eyes of those both fortunate and
unfortunate enough to live it.