Evening Wolves - Kindle Ebook by Luke Taylor


Homicide Detective Michael Erland passes through the gates of the opulent Fircrest Mansion to solve the murder of a woman with no fingerprints, and finds himself in the middle of a brutal struggle between Homeland Security and a domestic terrorist known as Jupiter, a hacker and criminal mastermind who steals information to sell it to the highest bidder and will stop at nothing to make the biggest transaction of his career and end the lives of those who would try to stop him.
The Agent pursuing Jupiter, the enigmatic and stunningly beautiful Sierra Marland, conscripts Erland’s help as the only one she can trust, and as Marland and Jupiter lock wits and wills in a fiery chess game of death and consequence, Erland is forced to walk the tightrope between justice, vengeance, and love.

Evening Wolves was written in real time with a cinematic style for those who just want to sit down and enjoy a roller coaster ride with the right mix of cops, spies, terrorists, thieves, murderers, red herrings and love that makes a good thriller so...thrilling!