Decisions, Decisions by J.Buchanan



What is the meaning of life?  The experience...

Escape into an inspiring roller-coaster of action and emotions, all derived from ambition, infidelity and retribution; combined with the concept of a multi-trillion dollar United Nations penitentiary underneath the island of Guam.  It is concluded with a unique and provocative ending that is intended to increase one's appreciation of life.

Follow the stories as a poor young kid loses his parents to domestic violence, and is thrust into a tough life of adult responsibilities, while at a different time period in a different part of the world, a grad school student begins to learn lucid life lessons outside of the classroom.  The lives' of these two characters become intertwined like the yarn in a knitted blanket, producing a graphghan of drama and excitement that will have your imagination at attention.

The novel Decisions, Decisions emphasizes the idea that one's actions may carry formidable consequences.  This narrative is a stunning suspense with a provocative and universal theme: success or failure in life normally revolves around making careful decisions.