George and the Dragon - kindle ebook by Philip Tolhurst

If you were given the chance what would you call a dragon?

Me? I’d call it something like; Gold Wing, Sky Winder or Night Fire.

Now let me add some context; let’s say you have just met the dragon under the most stressful circumstances you have ever experienced.  The dragon is pressing you for an answer.  Time is running out.  You have to name the mythical monster soon. Correct that; you have to name the beast now.  What then would you call the dragon?

Let's take that one stage further you are 13, the year is 1940 and the Battle of Britain is in its infancy.  You are still stressed beyond belief; your whole world has already been turned upside down and now you discover dragons exist.  The dragon is still insisting you give it a name.  What name would you give the dragon now?

When George Atkins finds himself in this exact situation then he chooses to call the dragon Spitfire.  In so doing he finds himself on the most amazing and terrifying journey of his life.  First he is thrown into battle with a group of other dragons; dragons working for the Nazis.  Then, with great reluctance, the RAF recruits George and Spitfire to aid them in their fight against the Luftwaffe.  Along the way George meets new friends, learns how history was rewritten and finds out that he is more powerful than he could have ever have dreamed of becoming.