Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book one - Kindle ebook by Jason Gibson

In a realm where horrible creatures lurk in the woods and a door way between dimensions remains unhidden; just imagine what’s locked away.

Ursula might not be able to rest until she knows the answers behind the strange environment of her new home. However now that the chance to relieve her curiosity has arrived, would knowing what lies in wake be enough to make her reconsider moving forward?

The bunker that lies beneath the vast complex where she now lives might not take as long to answer her questions as she thinks. A door long sealed is now slowly starting the open, the upcoming insanity lies obscured by dark mist. Much like a container of unknown ice cream from a far away land, it may be best left in the deep frigid blackness of the freezer from which it came...

The mystery alone won’t be enough scare off Ursula and her nonchalant friends, especially Runie. Runie, who at times who appears to be such a dullard it actually borders on the superhuman, however,  her blissfully unaware personality could be the key to surviving this whole ordeal.

The first installment from the science fiction comedy graphic novel, Dei Ex Machina: Zenith!

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