The Sleepwalkers - Kindle ebook by Jim Yackel

Working in a convenience store is an awful way to attempt to pay the bills, just ask 50 year old Jeff Seagraves.  Jeff sees humanity as it is: Godless, drunk, drugged, selfish, rude, entitled, lazy, and most of all - asleep.  The ability to verbally communicate has deteriorated, but the population’s prowess in using smartphones and all manner of cutting-edge technology has increased in a culture of acronyms, selfies, and Facebook fame.   Despite living in a world of convenience and instant self-gratification, these American sleepwalkers are numbed, dumbed, and blind to the perilous shadows that the nation is being surrounded by.

Jeff is a Christian watchman at the wall and turns to the alternative news media and YouTube for his information, as the mainstream carries the water for an American president who is a willing and arrogant marionette for the puppet master powers that be.  In his hubris and self-righteousness, this president is himself a sleepwalker leading a nation of pacified lambs to proverbial slaughter.   Does Jeff find someone on the internet who is offering warnings that should be heeded?   Are the sands of the hourglass running out as darkness is creeping as a supernatural and spiritually-noxious gas?  Can Jeff ever be delivered of his own torments and assume a role of leadership at a time of diminishing light?