Discovering the Soul of Your Story - kindle ebook by Roger Rueff

In Discovering the Soul of Your Story, author Roger Rueff employs his unique perspective as a scientifically trained creative writer to tease out the secrets that lie at the core of storytelling and transform them into groundbreaking principles and practices that any writer can use to understand his or her story at its deepest level.

These principles and practices are presented in three parts:

·       Part One—The grok Approach: Presents a unique new approach to story creation and development and shows how it reveals the truest course of any story

·       Part Two—Thematic Imprinting: Develops a universal thematic grammar and illustrates how to find and expose inherent story themes

·       Part Three—Meta-adaptation: Combines the grok approach and thematic imprinting into a powerful tool for generating stories from scratch

Through the generous use of step-by-step derivations, detailed explanations, and illustrative examples, the book creates a tapestry of practical storytelling wisdom that applies to any story regardless of medium, type, form, or genre and allows its author to commune with and convey its soul.

From the Preface:

"I did not want soft advice; I wanted hard advice—advice that I could reach for confidently to generate new stories from scratch, guide their development, and fix any problems that might arise along the way... What I wanted was a reliable "something" that, as far as I could tell, did not exist. So I created it."

What readers say:

"Roger Rueff's book has broken new ground. His innovative method allows a writer to identify a story's fundamental strengths and weaknesses, providing a clear understanding of what works and what needs work. I cannot recommend it more highly." W.C.—Chicago, Illinois

"This book takes everything you know about storytelling and turns it on its head… so that things start making sense. It's a must for anyone who is serious about the craft of writing stories. I only wish it had been mandatory for my college theatre degree!" K.P.—Chicago, Illinois