Black Wolf: A World at War Novel - Kindle e-book by Mitchell T. Jacobs

A story of battle, camaraderie and discovery within a virtual world.

World at War is the first virtual world game to hit the open market. Developed over three long years and costing a fortune to create, players are eager to jump in and experience the world for themselves. But Zach Wofford, a beta tester, knows the harsh and unforgiving nature of the game already. Monsters, bandits, and hostile armies lurk outside of the few safe zones, waiting to draw the blood of the weak and unsuspecting. A single player will never make it, but a pack, now that can accomplish great things.

Join Black Wolf Company as they experience the virtual world. Incredible experiences await them, but many obstacles lie in their path. They will need to utilize every skill that they possess in order to survive. A bullet can only solve so many problems, but a coin or a word can prove just as deadly. They will fight on the battlefields, at the negotiation table and in the markets. There will be trust given and trust broken.

As battles rage within the world, questions begin to be asked outside. What influence does the virtual world have on a person's real world life? And do their experiences in the virtual world mean anything?

In a World at War...

What's your battle?