Switching Stations Switching Stories - kindle ebook by Christy Santo


Fantasy, Vampire, Horror story

A story about a vampire sire named Ian Porter and his attempts to stop his deadly son Jay from experimenting on children.

Switching Stations, Switching Stories is not your average vampire book. And if you are a fan of vampires and are looking for something different my book maybe just what you are looking for. My vampire book does not just focus on vampires but the complicated lives of various humans. To name a few there is Theresa who is caught between being a living human and being part vampire. Rena, a victim of her abusive father and Jay. And Anna Beth, a social worker, and former friend of Theresa's who puts two and two together between what happened to her friend and Rena. These characters and others have their stories told and also connect to the larger question I ask in the book. Who will catch Jay first the vampires like his sire or the humans?