Gold Rush Girl - Kindle eBook by Suzanne Lilly

This book first appeared on Goodkindles in February 2014.
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“When Lucinda Martin York arrives in California at the beginning of the gold rush, she is alone and destitute, but holding fast to her dream of becoming one of the first women doctors. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. George Arnold has a dream of his own, one he left his family and friends behind to pursue, one that will make him a key investor in California’s golden future. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for his goal. Although their dreams are divergent, Lucinda and George team together for survival in the mining town of Diggers Flat. They grow close as they deal with thieves, fire, and tragedy, but in the end, it is their very dreams that may tear them apart.”

Reviewed by Book Review Preview:
The year 1849 was an alluring time in American history especially to the Argonauts- the term used to describe those who moved to California during the Gold Rush. Lilly transports the reader back in time with such ease, the ambience, textures and hunger for gold come to life during a time when life was hard and the working/living conditions were even harder and at times deplorable.

With well thought out and placed characters, both of the main characters have their fair share of hardship and misfortune like many of those around them. Many over came the odds of the times. Many did not. My favorite quote from the story, “ Adversity makes a person grow and teaches them how to live”.

Rich in historical detail, the reader will come to understand the panning process and get a glimpse of what is was like to pan out in the goldfields. I felt it very interesting to look into the early daguerreotype and picture taking process along with learning about the developing of the plates with mercury vapors.

Having recently watched the mini series Klondike, I can easily see this story being made into a mini series as well. It reminded me of the made for tv movies by director Michael Landon Jr. A good, clean, and well written historical read for any older middle grades and up. Looking forward to book 2 and the continuing story of Lucinda, Luke, George and the rest of the cast of characters.