The ABC Room - kindle ebook by A.V. Roe

It was an innocuous two line advertisement looking for sperm donors. Nothing out of the ordinary in a big city like San Francisco. Liam Sage is a normal, healthy, horny, pre-med college student, always short of funds. Listen to him tell his serendipitous tale about finding the perfect job and meeting the women of his dreams ... wet dreams that is. And I didn't say woman. This is a polyamorous, menage short story. Follow his adventure as he finds out that instead of donating sperm into a sterilized cup, the requirement for donation is in the flesh. And instead of making donations sporadically, he will be hired for a job to fulfill the fantasies of clients in a BDSM dungeon. Some of the fantasies are typical sexual fantasies of the cuckold variety, but some of the clients actually want to be bred.

This short story was the result of criticism of my first novel, that I didn't lend enough emphasis to the voice of the characters as they were developed. The novel plot had been kicking around in my head for some time, so I wrote this short story in the first person in order for the reader to enter the world of the character and feel what he felt. The basic plot for the story stemmed from a conversation I wrote in my novel, Our Rules Of Engagement, where characters divulged their most taboo erotic fantasies. I hope you enjoy this erotic fantasy story.

My standard warning: this short story is in the erotica genre and is intended for adult audiences and all of the characters are adults.

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