In Between the After - a kindle ebook by Lilla Nicholas-Holt

Gets you thinking By Leoni Carter on January 10, 2014
In Between the After is a title that gives a little hint to this book’s subject matter – it’s a bit ‘out there’. In a good way.
Lilla’s book uses some big concepts to tell a story of love, jealousy, power – telepathy, astral travelling, reincarnation, the existence of beings on another planet. Those beings manipulating not only Earth’s resources but her people for their own ends is the backdrop to the lives of the 24 sisters, who belatedly realise they are simply tools to be used in a grab for power with dire consequences for themselves, and for Earth.
On the way to this discovery, the cloned sisters use the gifts they have been given to travel to wherever they desire – and they desire to look into some of New Zealand’s most notorious crimes, missing persons cases and the like. This book will be very interesting to Kiwi readers especially.
Big themes, universal concepts, a book to get you thinking.

Beyond my expectations By Eric Shackleton on December 30, 2013
The concepts involve ideas that are time or globe encompassing. From New Zealand to the ends of the earth, and from beginning of time to the future. I really enjoyed the concepts and the free ranging way the story developed.