An Acute Attraction - kindle ebook by A J Walters

An Acute Attraction is melting pot of genre's It is under the Contemporary genre for this reason. The book is a wonderful, eclectic mix of romance, seduction, mystery, erotica and humour. It is written in such a way, that it is believable.

Isabel Chambers, the main female character is a 'real woman' with curves, insecurities, children and a divorcee who has lived her life. She talks from the heart and soul to the reader, including them in the dialogue and story, so that they are taken on her journey with her.

Marc Sanders, the main male character is a hottie! Tall, dark and handsome with a history. A Professor of Medicine he certainly wasn't on planning on meeting someone like Isabel, as he is only in the UK for work purposes, but when he does...the sparks well and truly fly!

Dr Emelie Acerbi is an out and out bitch! She's cunning, conniving and will not give up on anything until she gets what she wants, which is fame and fortune!

An Acute Attraction is a laugh out loud book, that has you wanting more. More sex, more mystery and more answers. It is the first book in a series and the debut book from new indie author, A J Walters.