Last Name Unknown - Kindle eBook by Danielle Real

Addison Walker can be described many ways. Unfortunately the words gracious, sophisticated, responsible and mature would not be used in any of those descriptions.

Addison is a woman with many faults. She doesn't walk well on her own two feet and she has a tendency to think out loud at the most inopportune moments. Some may even say she is the very definition of a walking disaster, but Addison accepts her faults without question.

Unfortunate for Addison her luck just took a turn for the worse, especially after meeting her new neighbor Tall, Dark and Dangerously Sexy Kade (Last Name Unknown). Now her bad luck has turned deadly and she's doing everything she can in order to survive the random shootings that seem to take place whenever she's around.

With the help of her best friend Sam, Addison hopes to figure out whose targeting and her why before they succeed in their plan to put a bullet in her head.

Sure, this may mean she's snooping around where she shouldn't be, making wild assumptions, and putting herself in scary and overly dangerous situations, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do to survive. Even if it means trusting the one person she shouldn't...