Married To A Vegan, Kindle nonfiction eBook by Caren Albers

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Married To A Vegan is a healthy living, healthy relationship, and change management book, all rolled into one. It’s about how making big changes can dramatically affect our relationships and our lives, and is not short on drama or humor.

A husband’s sudden, full-blown conversion to a vegan lifestyle changes a couple’s relationship and takes them on a journey that threatens to turn their marriage upside down. When half of a couple turns vegan, it requires negotiation, compromise, and commitment on steroids. Frankly, if he wanted to totally shake things up, she would have preferred a Sister Wife.

Dr. Neal Barnard, New York Times Bestseller author of 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart - Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health (the book that prompted the demon, I mean vegan conversion), wrote a great endorsement for the book.

Married to a Vegan entertains and at the same time offers new, healthy ideas for readers to consider embracing. Did I mention it has yummy recipes so delicious that you won’t believe they’re vegan, and a surprise ending? No, I don’t think I did.

Even if you’re not married to a vegan (most lucky souls aren’t), you can identify with this book.

At some point in everyone’s life, they adopt new beliefs like exploring a new religion, or lifestyle changes like becoming an ultra-marathoner, taking up running, or simply making changes in their normal diet and exercise routine. These changes create tectonic shifts in their perspectives and their lives.

Married To A Vegan is about one such earthquake and the surprising aftermath.