A Kiss So Deadly - kindle eBook by Mary Reason Theriot


Pierre and Geneviève Marquette were forced from their home in Nova Scotia. They finally found a place to call home in Louisiana. Life had been hard, but they had each other and their children. Unfortunately, Geneviève only lived in her new home for a short while before her unfortunate passing. Yellow fever hit the area with a vengeance taking many lives, including hers.

Now Geneviève wanders the grounds, watching her decedents. Marquette Plantation remains the image of everything graceful and lovely in the Deep South.

As she sits in the garden, basking in the serene moonlight, a low ground fog swirls as a light breeze rolls off of the bayou. The silver mist curls its way around the courtyard, carrying with it the moans of the poor lost souls that are trapped in the mist.

The beauty of the night no longer gives her solace.  This place she loves is now tormented with death and evil. If only she could see where the evil lurks, she could warn Bridgette.  Instead, all she can do is sense its presence. She can hear its raspy breath and smell the fetid odor that comes from its flesh and blood. She must warn Bridgette of the evil that lurks these grounds before it is too late.