Mistake Me Not - kindle ebook by Scarlett Finn


A dangerous romance with a twist you’ll never see coming.

‘My God,’ he breathed. Again she used the tee-shirt to wipe her mouth, and when she lifted the material she uncovered thick red lines on the delicate skin across her taut body. ‘What did they do to you?’
Her tangled hair shielded her face when she dropped her attention down, and it lingered there increasing his apprehension; he didn’t want her feeling any shame, or guilt. Setting his focus on begging her to look up at him he opened his mouth but in that same second her hands hit the floor, and she crawled toward him. She didn’t stop, she came all the way to him until she sat in the vee of his thighs, and nestled her head under his chin, pressing her cheek to his chest.
‘I’m sorry Baby,’ he murmured kissing her hair. Her legs stretched flat on the floor under his bent knee while his other knee provided her back support. A yell grew within him because in this state he could offer her no support. Holding her was impossible because of the ridiculous restraints on his wrists. He’d kill them. He’d kill them all. Turning his mouth against her again, he rubbed his cheek to her forehead hoping she would look at him, but when his gaze fell he saw that the snap was off her unzipped jeans, and he growled. ‘I’ll kill them.’
‘I want to go home,’ she said.
‘I know Baby,’ he said.