Frightful Fables: Volume I - Kindle ebook by D.C. Phillips

"There he stood alongside the others at their final destination, hundreds of feet underground, clinging to the remnants of a smashed picture frame and a torn photograph. He gripped the broken edges of the frame so tightly that his hands began to bleed. 'This is how it’s all going to end,' he thought. 'Trapped.'"

Frightful Fables: Volume I is an anthology of original horror and suspense tales with plenty of twists and turns that lurk around every corner. From a young woman who fakes her own death with disastrous results, to an elderly pet lover whose demise is avenged by a cat’s restless spirit, this collection includes something delightfully dreadful for every aficionado of the macabre. Two companion anthologies, Frightful Fables: Volume II and Frightful Fables: Teen Scream, are already in the works.