Neighbors - kindle ebook by Zanne Sweeney

Neighbors, Zanne Sweeney’s first novel, is a poignant high-octane drama with a sizzling dose of romance. A scintillating saga of new beginnings that captures readers with its passionate romance and gripping mystery. A witty story line, and easy to love characters provides a fun and sexy read.
Since it’s release Neighbors has received a 5 Star independent review from Readers Favorite, was picked by Romance In Books as a Monday Western Romantic Picks, and has been featured on the front page of the BVW Book Club.

About her new title Sweeney says, “ I loved creating the story in this book. It’s packed with passion, funny happenstances, with a mystery woven in. I wanted the characters to be normal, everyday people. I hope it will have the readers rooting for Grace.”

The story centers on Grace, a widower and mother of two, who lives in the suburbs of New Jersey. Her daughters, friends, and even her job have bound her there for years. When Grace’s Uncle in Wyoming passes away he leaves her his small ranch. Grace jumps at the chance to start anew. When she arrives in her new town of Landgrove, Wyoming, she finds a part time job, adds some pets and farm animals to her new little ranch, and makes friends with the quirky, fun towns people. One of her neighbors, Jed, turns Grace’s dusty love life upside down. The dating scene is nerve wracking enough but add sex into the picture and Grace is completely out of her comfort level.
Follow Grace as she navigates dating the most popular and sexy man in Landgrove. Through out the story a more tumultuous plot develops as Grace finds herself the victim of cruel pranks and sinister acts. Someone is not happy about her moving to Landgrove. The suspects are numerous and readers are kept guessing until the final chapters.

 This book is intended for mature audiences. The sex scenes are passion induced and descriptive.