Sleight of Hand - Kindle ebook by Mitch Sebourn

Norman Eliot is a struggling actor who's fed up with his occupation.  He considers himself a decent, humble person, and he’s tired of the entire Hollywood racket.

But shortly after he escapes to the solitude of northern New Mexico, he receives a message from his agent that he can't quite believe: Trey Landry, one of the world's most successful directors, wants to meet with him in Las Vegas about a major role.

“I think this is yours to lose,” his agent tells him.  “Don’t lose it.”

Fortune, perhaps, is turning, just as he was getting out….

But while in Las Vegas, Norman finds the body of a young woman who's just plunged to her death.  He's met her before.  He knows about her troubled past.  What he doesn't know is how intertwined with her story he's about to become.

Because Trey Landry’s new project is being filmed on evil ground, and the ghosts of those abandoned and abused want to see Norman bring their stories to the surface.

This novel is part murder mystery and part ghost story.  It is a novel about what it means to come full circle in one’s life… and about the time, effort, and sleight of hand required to do so.