Soft Words and a Strong Heart by Kate Ashland

When she’s not reviewing research statistics, sitting in a community board meeting or helping her elderly parents carry their groceries, Kate Ashland can usually be found kneeling before her Master wearing nothing but a collar and a smile.  Kate is a highly educated executive, department chair, community volunteer, dutiful daughter, loving aunt, compassionate friend, and a real life BDSM consensual slave.

With twenty years of practice as a spanked girlfriend, a submissive partner, an odalisque and a consensual slave, Kate has more than opinions and answers – she has experience.  This work is a collection of questions and  answers, essays and sexy descriptions of experiences that will answer questions such as "Do you have limits?", "Do you really do anything sexually you Master wants?" and "How do you pour coffee and tea naked and make it look so easy?"  Who doesn't want to know that?