The Science of Getting Rich: Ultimate Edition for Kindle - A New Thought Classic by Wallace D. Wattles, Fully Restored

It is the father of all New Thought teachings that have come after and the one that made sense of all New Thought ideas that had come before. In 1910 Wallace Delois Wattles penned what would become one of his finest and most quoted works, "The Science of Getting Rich".

It is the "hundred year-old book" that inspired Rhonda Byrne to change the course of her life and offer us all "The Secret". For over a century it has inspired countless numbers of people to transform the way they think and the way they understand the universe and all the blessings it has in store for us. It is, quite arguably, one of the most important New Thought books that has ever been written.

But since it became public domain decades ago TSOGR has unfortunately been treated very poorly. After many transcriptions of the text this beloved classic has fallen prey to a slew of typographical blunders, littering this once majestic work with a multitude of misspellings and grammatical errors found in every publicly available edition. It has been an issue that has plagued readers for decades. But no longer.

Restored Classics Publishing has taken the time to meticulously and painstakingly reconstruct the text back to its original glory by comparing multiple versions, cross-referencing dozens of variables, even debating for hours on end over the use of a single colon. The final result is "The Science of Getting Rich: Ultimate Edition". It is the only edition available to the public that can claim to have absolutely zero spelling or typographical errors, and it is certainly the closest experience one can easily find to reading the original version written by Wattles in 1910.

Along with creating what we feel to be the most historically accurate version of this book available to the general public, Restored Classics Publishing also decided to go one step further and produce an amazing audiobook companion. Not just a bland, cold, monotone reading, the audiobook edition of TSOGRUE is passionately narrated by Earl T. Gray, coupled with beautiful and mesmerizing music gently swimming underneath his remarkable delivery of this sacred manuscript.

"The Science of Getting Rich: Ultimate Edition" is available in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook formats on, and right now if you purchase the Paperback copy for your home library you will have access to the Kindle version absolutely FREE through Kindle MatchBook. Then add the Audiobook to your collection and follow along with your Kindle version on your Whispersync enabled Kindle device and immerse yourself in the teachings and powerful philosophies of Wallace D. Wattles like never before.