With Angel's Wings - a true medical drama by Stephanie A. Collins


Cheyne stokes respiration is a pattern of breathing that can be demonstrated at the end of life. Luckily, it is a term few people are familiar with. Laura becomes all too familiar with this symptom of severe heart failure when she first witnesses it…from her newborn daughter, Hannah.

Heart failure is Laura’s introduction to life as a mother of a special needs child. While it initiates her into a “lifestyle” she never dreamed she would face, it is far from her most daunting challenge. Take this journey with Laura as she struggles to understand, keep up with, and survive the unforgiving hand of fate. Sit by her side as she holds Hannah down for hours of IV attempts. Yell in rage and frustration with Laura, as she struggles with her failing marriage. Cry with her as she attempts to reassure her older daughter, Emily, after her diagnosis of autism. Sit in numb disbelief with her as she holds Hannah’s tiny hand through marathon seizures. Witness Laura frantically try to maintain a weak grip on her own sanity.

And when all hope appears lost, behold an unexpected love that lights Laura’s way through her darkest days and offers her the strength to not just endure, but to shine all on her own.

With Angel's Wings is my story. All names were changed, but the story is 100% true. For non-parent readers or readers who are parents of typical children, I welcome you to walk a few steps with me, to take a peek into a world far removed from your own. For fellow special needs parents, With Angel's Wings is an offering of hope. We all have days of struggle and strife; times when it is easy to fall prey to the darkness. But if I could navigate my way through some of my roughest times, despite my ignorance and many, many mistakes, you, too, can conquer your challenges and soar.