The Atheist - Kindle ebook by Sarah Ettritch

Deiforms are people chosen by God to work in the world on His behalf…or maybe not. Jillian, the main character in The Atheist, doesn’t believe in God. When a pastor tells her that she’s a Deiform, she dismisses him. Unfortunately for her, he turns up dead two days later, and she’s the main suspect.

Arrested, frightened, and not sure what the hell is going on, Jillian is meeting with her lawyer when she collapses. She wakes up in the sanctuary of the Deiform Fellowship. The Fellowship members insist that she’s a Deiform. They want Jillian to dedicate her life to the Fellowship. She doesn’t believe any of it, but she wants to clear her name, and so she strikes a bargain: if they help prove her innocence, she’ll join them.

The Fellowship agrees and assigns the Deiform Sam to help her. As Jillian and Sam work to clear her name, Jillian begins to suspect that the Fellowship is actually a front for a criminal organization, and worries that she’s made a deal with the devil. Will she be able to escape the Fellowship? Are Deiforms real? Is Jillian a Deiform?

Over the course of the story, Jillian learns what’s important to her and faces a life-changing decision.

The Atheist isn’t a religious or atheistic book. It’s for readers who enjoy thought-provoking, character-focused stories—and a good mystery!