Sweet Enchantress - Kindle ebook by Parris Afton Bonds

Years ago, my life-long friend Rita Clay Estrada and I went to France to research separate novels (I also took my mom with me). At the time, I was working on a glitz/glamor/international espionage novel, Snow and Ice, which my publishing house had requested.  I am NOT a glitz and glamor person.  I love history.  Captivated by the ancient city of Avignon, I returned twice after that and, after reading of its alchemical history in Holy Blood, Holy Grail, I knew I had to write  a historical romance about its rumored sorceress, Dominique De Bar and the English war lord Paxton, who would seem immune to her alchemical efforts.  I also wanted to write about the power that women were able to possess in the era, which has been too often curtailed in other eras ~ and I wanted to write about the alchemical transmutation not only of metal to gold but of the heart; to ask the questions:  What is worth living for?  What is worth dying for?  The answers, of course, are both the same.  Love.

Sweet Enchantress is available 05/01/2014 only.