The Tenth Cycle: A Thriller kindle ebook by JC Ryan

By Meghan a Top 500 Amazon reviewer has the following to say about The Tenth Cycle.
For some reason, JC Ryan’s thriller, ‘The Tenth Cycle’ reads like the offspring of a Tom Clancy and a Clive Cussler partnership—although JC Ryan can easily stand on his own as an exciting literary force to reckon with. ‘The Tenth Cycle’ is deeply suspenseful, and right at the get-go, grabs you by the cuffs and compels you to keep turning the pages—and that doesn’t even begin to describe what a deliriously entertaining book this is.

At its heart is a conspiracy: a secret about mankind that—if and when revealed—will radically change not only the way men live and think, but also about how they’d regard their future. The secret is zealously guarded by shadowy characters and organizations that put the lives of the two protagonists, Dan Rossler and Sarah Clarke, in grave peril. When academic ridicule intensifies into outright hostility and possibly fata threats, that’s when Dan and Sarah know they’re on to something ground-breaking. But then there’s the rub—the forces guarding the secret will stop at nothing to guard it and keep it from discovery.

As I mentioned, this is a cleverly plotted and well-paced suspense thriller. I love how the author throws in all the usual suspects—the CIA, the MOssad, the government, a dangerous secret society—and then some. But what makes it endearing and worthwhile to read is the dynamic between Dan and Sarah—their relationship softens and deeply humanizes what would otherwise be just an all-out thrill-fest—not that I would mind spending the night inhabiting the world of ‘The Tenth Cycle.’

Noteworthy, too, is how in the opening chapters, the author chooses the slow burn instead of the flashy narrative—the build-up effectively gives the reader that rare edge-of-your-seat thrill that you feel deeply in your gut. But what’s even better is that the suspense is informed by the vital bits on information JC Ryan throws our way—until we’re flipping through the pages just to finally know how it all ends—and yet this is only the first book in a promised series. If JC Ryan releases a sequel, I will definitely buy it in a heartbeat.

Overall, ‘The Tenth Cycle’ is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a while—I enjoyed it even more than how I enjoyed Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’ years ago. Fans of the genre who have been looking for that next big thing can stop looking now—get a copy of this book today and see. This also makes an incredibly gift to loved ones. A solid five-star rating for this book.