The Winter Stone by Tanya Anne Crosby, Laurin Wittig, Glynnis Campbell

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Put bestselling Scottish historical romance authors Tanya Anne Crosby, Laurin Wittig, and Glynnis Campbell in a room, and magic happens!

We've been friends for years.  We've enjoyed each others' books.  We're "writing sisters" in the authors' collective, The Jewels of Historical Romance.  How much fun, we wondered, would it be to weave our individual beloved series together into a single story?

It turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime!  THE WINTER STONE was begun on a quiet evening over glasses of wine--an evening spent musing, dreaming, gushing, and brainstorming, which gave birth to an idea for a story that sent chills along our spines and kept us up half the night.  The more we chatted, the more we discovered threads that connected our stories, fascinating characters who could take us on the journey together, and inspirations that led us down new, exciting roads.  And the best part was we were going on this adventure with friends!

One ancient legend of THE WINTER STONE--a crystal with mystical properties--connects three enchanted novellas that span the centuries and tell a timeless tale of love.