Lost Library - kindle ebook by Kate Baray


Lizzie led a normal life...until the Book arrived.

Then Lizzie's world turned upside down. Magic, werewolves, spells, healers, and an evil genius—what else do you need for a fabulous adventure? But there's more...Romance and a tiny kidnapping (or two) ensure a fast-paced story. And Lizzy makes a feisty, quirky heroine who won't let a power hungry evil-doer win the day.

Lizzie's not alone in her efforts to prevail over evil. Along the way, she gathers a cast of friends and allies who aid her in her various adventures and in discovering her own magical talents.

Tired of dark and broody? Ready for quirky and light-hearted? This is a paranormal romance for you! Join Lizzie and her friends as they experience mystery, magic, romance, and adventure.