Words Can Kill by C.A. Larmer


A sinister missing person’s case or a simple midlife crisis?

Photographer Max Farrell’s flatmate has just shown up murdered in their Berlin apartment and Max has vanished from the face of the earth. He was last spotted at a Swiss alpine resort, a blonde floozie by his side, but the floozie has also vanished and Max’s family is in full panic mode. It’s time to call in Australia’s favorite ghostwriter Roxy Parker. She has a knack for solving mysteries and a soft spot for Max.

The German police think Max is on the run but Roxy knows better. Her estranged boyfriend might be a cad but he’s no cold-blooded killer. Nor is he a coward. And so, with Max’s shockingly self-absorbed sister, Caroline, by her side, Roxy packs her bags and heads to the Continent. There she must follow in Max’s footsteps to uncover exactly what happened and where he ended up. Is he just having a midlife crisis? Or is it much, much darker than that?

When the floozie shows up dead soon after their arrival, the two women quickly realise this is no European vacation. This really is a matter of life and death.

From the misty heights of Mt Pilatus to the brutal shoreline of the Italian Riviera, Roxy embarks on the most heart-wrenching mission of her life—to find the man she loves before it’s too late. (And if she can avoid killing Caroline along the way, it’ll be an added bonus!)