9 Incarnate - kindle ebook by Gary Starta

5 star reviews for Caitlin Diggs and her paranormal investigations...9 INCARNATE...

For those of us SF readers who cut our teeth on Asimov and Heinlein, SF has opened a portal into a world or worlds of possibilities. Think back to the original Star Trek series. What were just ideas then - total body imaging, instant communication, etc. - have become facts. Even the world of immutable physics has been turned on its ear. What hasn't changed is the vision of writers to imagine what could be - The Other.

Starta has done just that. He's created a believable heroine who, in whatever iteration she exists, has the reader rooting for her. Is Caitlin an FBI agent? Instrument of Isis? Murderer of the President of the United States? Yes. And No. With 9 Incarnate, Strata has resurrected, pardon the pun, the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt and involved them in a tale where they threaten the very existence of humankind on Earth. For example, is Hathor or her reincarnation really the psychotic goddess wanting to dominate the new world order? Can Isis stop her? Should she? After all, she's residing in one of Caitlin's existences.

If you love mixed genres - SF, urban fantasy, mystery, and romance, this is one tale you won't want to miss. Kudos to Starta. I was hooked from the getgo. There's some real science here as well as speculative fiction. It's a read you won't want to put down until the satisfying end. Looking forward to the next work by this up and coming talented writer.


The pyramid on the cover grabbed my attention straight away as I've always been enamoured with Ancient Egypt. Previously I'd read and enjoyed another urban fantasy by this author, Demon Inhibitions, that featured the same main character, so I was happy to give a review when asked by the author. Caitlin Diggs is heaps of fun - sassy and sarcastic, with a soft spot for those she allows close (especially her cat).This other world is richly brought to life with seamless weaving between `our normal' world, the supernatural, and enhanced scientific concepts. In a parallel universe anything can happen and Caitlin is a magnet for strange phenomena. Caitlin's story is a quirky romp through fluid timelines and I have to wonder - What will she get up to next?