A Glimpse of Heaven - Kindle ebook by Chris Moorey


Many visitors to Greece quickly find that this beautiful country is so much more than beaches, bars and bazouki and there is more to see than ancient archaeological sites. They want to learn more about what makes Greece tick. Since there seems to be a church on every street corner, the Orthodox Church seems to play a central role and yet here lies a problem. Although most people have a vague appreciation and knowledge of the layout of churches and of Christian worship and belief, Orthodoxy does seem different and, at times, almost exotic. Thus, visitors are often left with a host of questions:
Why do Greek priests have long hair and beards?
Why are Greek churches full of pictures but short of seats?
Why is Easter a different date in Greece?
What are those little models of churches at the side of the road?

When my wife and I first moved to Greece in 1994, we looked for a book that would give us the answers to these and a host of other questions in a simple, compact way. Since such a thing didn't seem to exist, I decided to write one and, after much research, “A Glimpse of Heaven” was born. The original printed version is no longer available but by publishing the book in Kindle, I have taken the opportunity to correct, improve and expand the first edition.

The book now includes a guided tour of a normal Greek Orthodox church and sections on icons, worship, monasteries, feast days, fasts and family occasions such as baptisms and weddings.

My main aim in writing “A Glimpse of Heaven” has been to make it accessible, compact and “user-friendly.” To this end, I have used many illustrations and I have not been afraid to use humour where appropriate. Nevertheless, several theologians, two priests and a couple of bishops have all vouched for the accuracy of the information even if it is simplified. Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokleia wrote of the original version: "You have found exactly the right tone and level to appeal to your readers. You convey plenty of practical information, and you do so in a clear and interesting way. But that is not all: you transmit also something of the inner spirit of the Orthodox faith, and your love of Orthodoxy - without being obtrusive - is clearly apparent throughout the book."

From Amazon Reviews of Kindle Edition:
“A glimpse of humour as well as a Glimpse of Heaven!”
“Highly recommended to readers of all ages and beliefs.”
“The Kindle version looks even better, with much more information and better quality photos. A lovely book, highly recommended for any holidaymaker to Greece.”
“I even found it useful when visiting Orthodox churches in London.”
“A gentle sense of humour, a warm devotion and extensive research combine to make this an unusually entertaining book.”

Please note that the Second Edition of “A Glimpse of Heaven” is now available in printed form on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Born in Sussex, England, in 1948, I attended St. Catherine’s College, Oxford and the University of Surrey. Having worked for British Telecomm for about twenty years, I solved my mid-life crisis in 1994 by moving with my wife to Greece, where I found teaching English to Greek children considerably more satisfying than statistical analysis of telephone usage. In 2001, my wife and I were baptised into the Orthodox Church.
I am the author of Traveling Companions, Walking with the Saints of the Orthodox Church (Ancient Faith Publishing) and Under Mount Oxa, a guide to the churches of Elounda (available on CD-ROM from the author). I am currently working on a brief history of the Orthodox Church under Enver Hoxha's rule in Albania.
My blog, www.chrismoorey.blogspot.gr, contains musings on various aspects of Orthodoxy and is currently running a series of articles on twentieth century Orthodox martyrs.
 My facebook page, www.facebook.com/chrismooreybooks, contains up-to-date information on all of my published books and work in progress. I welcome any questions, comments on any aspect of my work.

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