The Regent's Gamble - kindle ebook A. Payne & N.D. Taylor

The Regent's Gamble is an epic length novel packed full of action, danger, magic, and romance.

Set in in the modern day world with a few twists, you will find yourself immersed in a story full of colorful and varied characters. Mages rule from boardrooms instead of towers, Faeries play at being human to satiate their boredom and curiosity, and the distrusting Sylvan keep to their wild homes. However, dark forces are lurking on the streets as forbidden magic is used to breach the barriers between worlds, summoning forth demonic presences who wish only to dominate and control.

As newly appointed Regent, Addison Rhydderch must take a stand and set things to rights. A man with a rare magical talent for Summoning, he is the youngest Magus to ever hold the lofty position.

Thankfully, he is not alone.

The nature spirits known as the Sylvan might be distrustful of the humans and mages, but their half-blooded offspring often have lives that are more mundane. Saraia is such a child, a daughter of a human man and an ancient tree spirit. She fights to rekindle the alliances once shared among them. It seemed an easy enough task until she met Addison, whom she butts heads with more than once.

They must find a way to work together and join their people against a greater threat.