Drasmyr - kindle ebook by Matthew D. Ryan


Drasmyr is a story of adventure and derring-do that pits a one-thousand-year-old vampire against a wizards guild and a bounty hunter by the name of Coragan of Esperia, the man the guild has hired to help them. It is a dark fantasy that returns the reader to the vampire of old: a sinister, evil creature that does not sparkle, does not love, and does not lose. It begins simply enough, with a suspicious fire at the guild that leaves two men dead and one missing. But soon Coragan's investigation is leading him down dark and twisted paths only the bravest of men dare tread. The more he learns, the more the terror builds as he realizes he is not only risking his life to help the wizards, he is risking his very soul. Against this backdrop a sinister secondary evil is rising in the form of a young sorceress who worships demons. Hers is a silent secret evil, working in the shadows, twisting the best of intentions to her own malevolent designs. Can Coragan stop not just one, but both these insurmountable evil foes? If he can, the bards will sing his name forever. If he cannot, there is no telling what horrors he may suffer.

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