Ascension - YA Novel kindle ebook by A.L. Patterson

Ascension is available for $0.99 as of May 2014.

The lives of 8 teenagers are forever changed by the gifts of immortality in this five star rated YA novel. 

This narrative interweaves the destiny of multiple teenagers and unravels the mystery of the object that granted them the unbelievable powers of God. The protagonist, Clark, and his girlfriend, Sarah, take to fighting crime after gaining superpowers. Other characters are more ambiguously motivated. Dan and Andrew decide to use their powers, not for the good of others, but solely to benefit themselves. Each becomes a world famous Formula One racer and pro golfer, respectively, with comfortable lives until a mysterious stranger comes a’knocking. He knows their secret and will tell the world unless they pay up. And then there is the tragic fall of John, a young man whose lust for power and vengeance leads him on a downward spiral into madness following the death of his loved ones.

“Ascension” is part one in an exciting and compelling new YA series that takes the superhero genre to new heights by asking how characters truly respond to gaining unimaginable power.