Heaven's Wars: Guardians of Paradise by Tim Wahl

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Guardians of Paradise is book one of the Heaven's Wars series, It is about Lucifer before his fall and a war between the angels and the dragons. It takes place primarily in the Garden of Eden and the Heavens, where mythical creatures such as mermaids, fairies and griffons all exist. However, Azrael, a young pupil of the Seven, embarks on a quest to obtain the soil from Mother Earth to create the first human. He also has a forbidden love affair with another angel named Amy. Guardians of Paradise is filled with epic battles, adventure and a quest.

"The core essence of this story is what I want as a reader without all the fluff. Being a science fiction/fantasy buff who loves The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Dune Series, and The Game of Thrones, I find this book to be a refreshing breath of fresh air. It is a unique and diverse realm that is seldom brought to life, similar to the aforementioned books. A quick and to the point type of book, specific to the particular quest the characters are in. With the current interest in superheroes, this book leaves me with the feeling that these Angels are the original superheroes. Hands down, an AWESOME story and I look forward to the continuation of the series."

Heaven's Wars is an epic fantasy tale that readers of all walks have enjoyed from ages 13 and up. With three books in the series ready to read and more to come.

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