Kill Daddy by Gerald Freeman

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Kill Daddy is the story of one man’s desperate attempt to move on from a traumatic childhood. The past has haunted him his whole life and he realizes that he cannot even begin to live until he has left the memories behind and can focus on the present and the future, instead. His journey takes him to remote villages in Kenya and Uganda, where he spends 2 years living with the local people. Will the journey help him to find inner peace, or will his abusers win in the end?
I was inspired to write Kill Daddy after I returned from my roller coaster ride In Kenya and Uganda. Everyone was asking me-What is Africa like? I couldn't sum it up into an adequate enough reply. Then as I began writing about the journey I realized I was leaving out an important part of the story, which was- Why did I go there in the first place? Writing about myself and exposing myself to you all is honest but a little difficult. However, if I am to inspire and connect with people and find those who can identify with my journey, then I believe that writing is like art and must come from the heart.