Blue Skye - kindle ebook by C.Y. Main

Today May 27th to May 30th, Blue Skye will be free to download. It is the first Kindle Single in The Skye Series. I appreciate all support and feedback. Thanks!

Blue Skye is the first Kindle Single in The Skye Series. It follows the work of New York City Homicide Detective Miranda Skye. Within the series, the audience will follow Det. Skye; her partners Detectives Lawson, Reynolds, and O’Malley; Captain Santiago, and the serial killer The Lakeside Slasher.
They are a new team to the New York Police Department and this is their first case together.

Over the course of four books, you will dive deeper into the relationships of Detective Miranda Skye. The Skye Series contains murder, mystery, intrigue, and a little bit of love with Blue Skye as the introduction to Detective Skye's world.

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