Mantis Force Ramah - a science fiction story by R. J. Amezcua

Mantis Force Ramah - a kindle ebook by R. J. Amezcua

The story unravels years after the planet Ramah was devastated by
the murder of its children. Jazrene, the leader of the Marium Kahnet
sisterhood, and faces the prospect of the holy order’s extinction.

With a rogue faction of the sisterhood seeking revenge for the perpetrators of the infanticide, public opinion is dangerously against them. She orders the confinement of the rogue sisters and, by doing so, sets off a chain of events that will change the lives of the inhabitants of the five galaxies known as the Quintástraya.

As you read the story, you will find a vividly created a world that is as genuine as the planet that we live in. This is a world that is going through its First Age era from the Time of Kelkabara, during the union of eleven houses of Kelkemek led by
the House of Mantis. The first chapter of the book does not fail to arouse the reader’s attention. Reeling from infanticide, the planet Ramah is a compelling picture that leaves a scar in your hearts. What follows is fast paced action in an inter-galactic worlds as the mission to capture the rogue sisters of the Marium Kahnet goes underway. The characters in this fantasy novel are so well developed that it is an effort not to empathize with them. So when Victoria Maja, the leader of the mission, is faced with what seem to be a series of insurmountable situations, it becomes quite authentic.