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Elegant Romance: the missing genre. Do you ever feel like reading a romantic love story set in a tropical resort but can do without the overt sexual content and foul language? Would you be interested in “leading men” who are more than arrogant alpha males with strangely-muscled torsos and a rough way with women? In the confusing, overcrowded “romance” genre there should be some place between prim and prurient, straight-laced and steamy, suppressed and salacious, tepid and torrid. A happy compromise between two lovers who eventually exchange a chaste kiss on the last page and promiscuous sex-bunnies who have time for nothing else.

If you are the type of reader who has explored “clean” romance and even “young adult” but found them lacking in realism and emotional content, then perhaps this book might be a pleasant surprise. The protagonists could be real people with human feelings, failings and fantasies. There are no staggering underground plots, no violent or graphic content, no unrealistic sex-centric scenarios. Instead relationships are explored and developed and, according to most reviewers, the glamorous setting of a Mexican resort is a sensory plus.

ONE WEEK IN MAZATLAN:  Raffaella and Terence have been happily married for ten years. But life and the pressures of a struggling business have put a strain on their once idyllic relationship. When Terence wins a luxurious holiday in Mazatlan, he sends Raffaella off by herself, insisting he cannot leave the business. The young beauty soon finds herself pursued by two very different but equally attractive men while a series of mishaps puts her marriage in jeopardy. Which man will she choose?

What readers had to say:

“... even though this book is very much about sexual temptation, it is tastefully presented, so if you like a good romance but can do without the explicitness, this book is for you.”

“… The writing is flawless, and the author has a talent for beautifully transporting her readers into a world full of opulence, glamour, sea, and sun.”

“Angelica Bentley is a promising new talent who has the unique ability to paint vividly descriptive pictures with her writing and create multi-faceted characters who are easy to like and more importantly easy to relate to, she really delves into their emotions.”

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